IPChain and Skolkovo business mission

A two-day business mission dedicated to intellectual property as one of the key tools of the digital economy tooke place in Singapore. Its organizers, in partnership with Elbatross Events, were the National Coordination Center for the Processing of Intellectual Property Rights and Objects (IPChain Association) and the Skolkovo Foundation.

“There are no natural resources in Singapore, so the main value of the country is people, human capital. And intellectual property is the result, fixing people’s creativity, ”said Andrey Krichevsky, president of the IPChain Association.

According to the Deputy Director of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) Walter Chia, Asia is the world’s largest intellectual property market. 65% of all patents in the world and 66% of all world brands are registered here. IPOS helps entrepreneurs register and protect intellectual property rights, and also provides businesses with the opportunity to use intellectual property created at the state’s expense.